and the training continues...

Still running...

As I am entering the double digits on my long run days, I often think to myself, "How am I going to finish all 26.2 miles on race day?!"  I really was struggling the last 2 miles of my recent almost 16 miles.  I know I just have to continue to cross train to build strength & endurance.  Wish all of us luck as we are training hard to complete our goal!  -ann

Just keep running...

October was a busy month!  I can't believe we are in November already!!!  With all my training, I felt like my immune system was doing pretty well fighting all the cold/flu bugs occurring around me.  Alas, the weekend before Halloween I ended up catching something.  Though mild in regards to symptoms, it totally knocked me out of my training.  I didn't have the strength to do any running/cross training.  I felt so guilty.  But, I allowed my body to rest for a few days and reluctantly returned back to training.  It was difficult getting back in the swing of things.  Slowly, but surely, I'm finding my stride again.  If you see me running around town, don't hesitate to say hello!  I may not acknowledge you right away (or at all); please do not be's just because I may totally be in the zone and I didn't see you.  If it were possible, I'd run the whole time with my eyes closed!  So, most of the time, though it seems like I may be looking at you, I'm probably completely zoned out, on auto-pilot.  With that being said, every so often I'll get a honking car driving by and see a familiar face, & I'll have to say that it's nice to get affirmation, especially during the last few miles of a run.

Still running...

Sunday are my long run days...I'm really trying to work on my pacing.  I feel like I'm all over the place on certain days.  My goal is to be able to keep a 10-minute mile pace so that I'm not taking forever to complete the 26.2 miles.  I'm currently at around 12 minutes.  I also fear for endurance as I am adding more miles each week. I'm just glad I have allowed myself plenty of time to work out all the kinks i preparing for the marathon. I'm also trying to figure out hydration. One wants to keep hydrated while running, but I don't want to have to stop to use the restroom.  Alas, when running for 26 miles, I guess I should allow myself to stop if I have to, right?  I keep reminding myself, "It's not the Olympics. I'm not looking to set any records...Just finish the race in under 6 hours!!!"

Looking forward to training with/recruiting more people to help raise money for Golden View!

Ann's training status

I started training for the upcoming Run Surf City Marathon on August 23rd.  I started out using the the Nike+ app which gave me an awesome program that I was super excited to follow. Much to my dismay, the day after I started implementing the program, the app auto-updated and my program was lost.  Granted, the new Nike+RunClub app is awesome, I just didn't really like how the new marathon program was structured. I ended up downloading Under Armour's Run Trainer, and love the "Couch to Marathon" plan! I still use the Nike+RunClub app to help with tempo and speed workouts, as well as the Nike+Training app for cross-training exercises. I actually found out recently that Nike made the old training programs available again, but I decided to stick with the Under Armour Program.  No use in flip-flopping.  My first really long run is this Sunday...  I'm just really focusing on pacing at this point.  I feel like I started training early enough to work on speed as each week progresses.  My schedule is so hectic with my sons, that it has prevented me from training with others, especially Jodie, my PTO Co-President/partner in crime!  As we both continue to train, I'm sure we will be able to find a way to coordinate our runs.

I really LOVE music.  I thought that music would be a big motivating factor for me as I was training.  Surprisingly, I find that I run better without it!  There's just something about being able to take in everything around you as you run.  No distractions.  This may change as the miles increase, but I find that with my shorter runs, listening to music actually gives me a headache!  Crazy, right?  

Below are screen shots of all my runs thus far.  You can also check out my Facebook page for updates, since my marathon posts are on public setting.  As I mentioned before, I love the UA app.  It has been having me build a base and now I am gearing to ramp up the mileage.  I kind of still can't believe that I am training to run a MARATHON!  Keep checking back to see how we are doing! Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns!  Go Golden View!!!

Training, Day 5 for Jodie...

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Did we mention that our own Golden View Principal, Mr. Hardy, will also be running the marathon with us?  Things are getting exciting!  Please email us or send us a message via our PTO Facebook page to let us know if you are interested in running in either the half or full marathon this upcoming February!

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And so it begins...

Hello Friends & Family!

Jodie and I are embarking on a journey to help Golden View School raise funds.  We have recently decided to commit ourselves to running the Surf City Marathon on February 5, 2017.  We have always been strong advocates for ALL children and feel that by running in this marathon, we not only bring more support for our Golden View Community, but to hopefully inspire others to jump out there/continue their efforts in bettering their community.

We are hoping to be part of Run Surf City's Charity Program.  In doing so, we are currently recruiting people interested in running in the event.  You can run either the half or full marathon. We are also hoping to use this as a piggy back off of our own Jog-A-Thon.  The kids are running for Golden View, and the adults also have an opportunity to run for Golden View!  So, stay tuned as we form a donation/sponsorship page with more information!

Looking forward to sharing our training/progress with everyone!  Wish us luck!!!

-Ann & Jodie


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